Submit songs to with lastfmsubmitd (fork) and Amarok2LibreFM (fork)

Amarok (Linux music player) does not have a native support to submit played songs to It was possible with the script Amarok2LibreFM for Amarok and the service lastfmsubmitd. But I discovered (March 2018) that it stopped submitting songs. So I modified both of them:

  • lastfmsubmitd: This modified version only submit songs to, but works again (based on pylast library for submitting song).
  • Amarok2LibreFM: Submit the correct song length, and handle a bug that was present in Amarok 2.5 and 2.6.

I suggest the following installation procedure:

  • Download my copy of lastfmsubmitd in a directory in your home.
  • Create a file ~/.lastfmsubmitd/conf with the your name and password like that:
user = my_account_name_in_lowercase
password = my_password
  • Download my copy of Amarok2LibreFM in this directory: « /home/MY_USER_NAME/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts« . So you will have a directory « Amarok2LibreFM » under the directory « script« .
  • Modify the file « Amarok2LibreFM/main.js » so the variable « SUBMIT_CMD » points to your installation of lastfmsubmitd.
  • Find a way to start automatically lastfmsubmitd when you open your session. You can for example do that graphically using the KDE settings, or manually by creating a link « /home/MY_USER/.config/autostart-scripts/lastfmsubmitd » that will point on the lastfmsubmitd script.
  • Just for this time, manually start lastfmsubmitd.
  • Restart Amarok and play a song.

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