Nexus 10: good stuff and disappointments

After a few days of use, I can say that the Nexus 10 is quite a nice device. I was a little bit disappointed that:

  • I struggled so much to login the first time using my Google account (mandatory to use the tablet). After many attempts, I could login using the browser interface (and not the native interface)
  • During these attempts, I tried to change the keyboard layout, and I found myself stuck in the keyboard configuration because the button 「back」is not present at this stage (what a stupid bug). I had to reboot to try again.
  • Transferring files using MTP (official way using USB) or FTP (limited by the wi-fi bandwidth) is super slow. Using ADB gave a descent 5Mo/s, but come on, using a debugging tool for such a thing is a shame
  • Charging the battery takes forever if you are using the device (I even wonder if it is charging at all).
  • The autonomy is not impressive
  • No cover is present in the package (my EEE-PC had one for a smaller price)
  • I had a complete freeze after starting Chrome once (I barely use it), and I am not the only one
  • These random reboots, grrrr (lost some work)
  • Sometimes, the automatic time sync get wrong by exactly 10 minutes, and the only solution is to disable it
  • Some apps look really ugly on a tablet

Now the good points:

  • Android 4 is really nice to use, not perfect, but really nice
  • Always very responsive, it doesn’t feel like a computer or a phone but like a physical object. It always reacts immediately. That is so great not to have to wait (well, excepted for network comm). On my (fast) PC, if I start Kate, I have to wait a few seconds (wait for a text-editor to start!?). On my Android phone, switching from an app to another is sometimes slow because of the lack of memory.
  • Even Firefox is fast (on my phone its start-up is slow)
  • Does not come with crap like Facebook or trial apps you will never use
  • The screen looks sooo great
  • Voice search is fun (even if it doesn’t always work well)
  • Using voice recognition (not) to type is also fun

I was a little bit sceptic at first, but I may become one of those who use their computer once in a while. Well, I will still need it to edit my Anki packets, type long emails, edit Openstreetmap, order and edit my photo, write code and things like that, but I have to admit that for the rest (browsing and reading, listening to music,  endless watching pointless streaming video) the concept is fantastic (thanks Steve).

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