Nexus 10: file transfert is a pain

I just bought a Nexus 10, and I realized that transferring file from Linux is now a pain.

Edit 2: With Ubuntu 13.04, MTP started working with transfer rates between 15 and 20Mo/s.

Edit: This morning I could get 5Mo/s using ADB. Don’t know what has changed since last time… 「adb push」allows to push a directory (what the Eclipse GUi doesn’t). Be carefull, it will push the content of the source directory in the target directory, so make sure that you specify a new directory as target, for example:

time adb push toto /mnt/shell/emulated/0/toto

I discovered that if I start my PC with the tablet plugged, I will get the following message when using ADB:

error: insufficient permissions for device

The solution is to unplug and re-plug the tablet, and use ADB again.

Original post: As you may know, Google devices don’t include a removable SDcard any more, so mounting the storage as a «Mass Storage» is not an option with them. So the possibilities are:

  • SFTP (e.g. with AndFTP): 1.4Mo/s (must be the speed of my wi-fi)
  • FTP (server or client): 1.4Mo/s
  • ADB (debugging tools): 0.35Mo/s
  • gMTP:
    • 0.6Mo/s
    • failed with big video files
    • libmtp had to be recompiled to accept the Nexus 10 USB id
    • display error message
    • freeze for some time at startup
  • PTP (gphoto/nautilus): 0.6Mo/s; when uploading a 4Go file, gphoto would consume all my memory
  • Bluetooth: don’t even think about it, ah ah ah

That’s a great regression. It means that I have to plan any consequent copy of files, because it would take so long that it cannot be done at the last moment any more. The acceptable throughput to an USB device would be for me something like 10Mo/s. We are far from it. Crap!

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