Autopano Sift script shell fix

The provided « autopano-complete » shell script has a little bug that prevents paths and filenames with spaces from working. You should replace the end of the script by

 echo "Remaining arguments ($#):" for arg do echo '--> '"\`$arg'" ; done # Allow user to override temporary directory. TMP=${TMPDIR:-/tmp} KEYFILES="" for arg do         FILENAME=$(basename "$arg").key.gz 	KEYFILES="$KEYFILES $FILENAME" 	if [ -f $FILENAME ]; then 		if [ $CLEAN -ne 0 ]; then 			$MONO $AUTOPANO_PATH/generatekeys.exe "$arg" "$FILENAME" $SIZE 		else 			echo "Using previously generated keypoint file: $FILENAME" 		fi 	else 		$MONO $AUTOPANO_PATH/generatekeys.exe "$arg" $FILENAME $SIZE 	fi done echo "keyfiles: $KEYFILES" ARG="--ransac $RANSAC --maxmatches $POINTS"; $MONO $AUTOPANO_PATH/autopano.exe $ARG $PANOFILE $KEYFILES 

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