Kubuntu 15.04: really full of bugs

I upgraded from Kubuntu from 14.04 to 15.04 (in order to get MTP support for my phone), and unfortunately it is really beta quality.

  • My settings from the previous version of KDE were not migrated.
  • When opening a session, some programs are not restored (ex: Konsole). Super annoying.
  • And also some windows are restore under my bottom bar.
  • I get prompted to install Flash at each session.
  • The auto-execution of programs at the session opening now only works for “programs” (having an associated “.desktop” file), not for shell scripts (though the configuration interface still allows adding such scripts). The list of the auto-executed programs is now located in “~/.config/autostart” (and not anymore in “~/.kde/Autstart”).
  • Why is there two distinct directories for the thumbnails (~/.thumbnails and ~/
    .cache/thumbnails) ?
  • The only way to add a program to a panel is by browsing the program hierarchy via the program menu widget (on the same panel). Searching a program by name will not allow you to add a program. Neither will the application launcher widget.
  • In order to associate a keyboard short-cut to Klipper, I need two icons of Klipper in my bar.

I also noticed that the “open file” dialog boxes (in particular the one for choosing a wallpaper image) does not display preview images larger than 5 Mo (default limit). If you want to choose a photo taken with your DSLR it can be annoying. There is no global way to change this settings. To change it for a given application, open or create the configuration file “~/.config/APPNAMErc” (for Kate: ~/.config/katerc ; for everything related to the desktop: ~/.config/plasmashellrc), and make sure the following section is present.


MaximumSize” is the maximal size of the files. In this example: 50Mo.

My recommendation: if you want stability and the current version is satisfying for you, do not migrate.

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